About Us

Medical Tours Costa Rica has helped thousands of patients and is the innovator in medical travel to Costa Rica. Brad and Bill Cook are visionaries that saw the writing on the wall while running the International insurance office for Costa Rica’s busiest and most respected hospital, Clinica Biblica. No firm is more interconnected to the pulse of the medical community than Medical Tours Costa Rica.

Medical Tours Costa Rica is the leading medical tourism facilitation service in the region, having provided offshore, managed health care services for more than 3000 patients from Canada, the United States, England, and other nations worldwide.

The Origins of Medical Tours Costa Rica:

Medical Tours Costa Rica was formed because its founders saw a real need for top quality health care services, including medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery procedures, at affordable prices in the United States, Canada, and Europe. As health care costs continue to rise, the list of people without medical and dental insurance also continues to rise, and more and more people are left having to look for options to fulfill their health care needs.

At Medical Tours Costa Rica, we saw the urgent need for affordable, top quality medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery procedures. We also saw the need to make health care services available at a destination that was as close to home as possible for patient comfort and recovery.

Meeting the Challenge:

In order to meet the challenge, Brad and Bill Cook (both pioneers in the medical tourism industry) formed Medical Tours Costa Rica. This was their way of coming up with a feasible solution to the health care needs of people who could no longer afford medical services at home.

Why was Costa Rica the Chosen Destination?

Around the world, the country is known as a lush, tropical, diverse, tourist-friendly, ecologically conscious destination, but there is much more to this Central American gem! The country has three private hospitals accredited by Joint Commission International within a very close proximity, making it unique among medical tourism destinations.

The country has other internationally accredited, premium medical centers, and these medical centers have state-of-the-art equipment, the latest in training techniques and standards of care, well-educated and highly-trained doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and other health care professionals, and easy access from major North American and European destinations.

Other medical tourism destinations:

While there are other countries in the medical travel industry around the world that offer medical tourism procedures and services, none of them offers the unique mix of security, safety, quality, affordable prices; modern, JCI accredited hospitals/premium health care centers, highly-trained doctors, dentists, and cosmetic surgeons; and the proximity to the United States, Canada, and Europe that Costa Rica offers.

The Medical Tours Costa Rica difference:

At MTCR, our aim is to become your “one-stop shop” for health care services, so we have put together packages with you, the medical tourist, in mind, offering a wide variety of specialties. We have partnered with some of the leading specialists in the region, not only in Costa Rica, so that we can offer you top-quality, affordable health care procedures.

At Medical Tours Costa Rica, we are not dentists, cosmetic surgeons, doctors, or health care practitioners, so we cannot offer medical advices. We are medical tourism consultants, and we will help you find the best available health care at a reasonable price.