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JCI logo GoldSeal_4colorThis is an established, experienced, world-class medical institution (It was originally founded in 1929.) This great facility has state-of-the-art equipment, world class facilities, and first-rate health care services.

This facility has invested heavily into its 50 million dollar infrastructure (which includes a new, 35 million dollar hospital building and medical tower.) It can handle anything from emergencies that are life-threatening and cutting-edge procedures, to medical check-ups, face lifts, dental care, maxillofacial surgery, or any other type of medical procedure or health travel treatment.

A World Class Facility

This world class medical facility is Joint Commission International accredited, which means that it is held to the highest standards in the industry regarding medical care and procedures. The Joint Commission International is the international arm of the Joint Commission, the body that is in charge of accrediting over 19 thousand hospitals and health care facilities in the United States.

For more than 50 years, the Joint Commission International has been giving hospitals accreditation. This is, in essence, a world wide seal of approval, and it indicates that the facility has met and often exceeded the highest performance standards in the industry, not only in Costa Rica.

It is this accreditation which helps Hospital Clinica Biblica and other hospitals improve their performance, raise the level of care, and show accountability in the rapidly changing medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery marketplace, and especially when it comes to medical tourism in Costa Rica.

Specalities at Hospital Clinica Biblica, San Jose, Costa Rica:

Since it is a general hospital, Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica provides its patients a wide variety of medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery procedures, using cutting-edge technologies and techniques. The health care center specializes in cardiology, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, CCSVI, vascular disease, weight loss surgery, dentistry, oral surgery, and preventive medicine, among others..

This institution also performs a large number of minimally invasive laparoscopic-type procedures such as weight loss or bariatric surgery, arthroscopies, prostatectomies, hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and colonoscopies, to mention just a few of the many procedures performed here on a daily basis.

Highly Qualified Medical Staff:

La Biblica, as it is widely known throughout the country, has an extensive team of qualified specialists and surgeons, most of whom are bilingual and have graduated or received extensive training from North American and European institutions. In fact, communication will not be an issue since the doctors you will deal with through Medical Tours Costa Rica speak English for your convenience.

Since the medical center is focused on treating healthcare travelers, you will notice that English is widely spoken. Additionally, Medical Tours Costa Rica will provide a bilingual patient consultant to accompany you to your labs, X-rays, appointments with the doctor, etc., so that you will never have difficulty understanding or communicating with the doctors and nursing staff.

Affordable Prices:

The fact is that most health travelers are willing to pay a higher price for treatment, as long as they know they will be receiving care that is on par with or perhaps better than the care they can get at home for a similar procedure. Thousands of patients throughout the world have been interviewed, and their main concern is almost always quality.

Of course, price is always a concern, even if it is second or third on the list, and patients are likely to save up to 70% or more on procedures when compared to prices in the U.S.A and Canada, without having to compromise when it comes to the high standards of safety and quality they are accustomed to at home.

All-Inclusive service

In addition to the above, and in order to make your experience as a patient as relaxing and stress-free as possible, you will receive VIP personalized services that extend far beyond the usual hospital care. Most of the patients who travel to Costa Rica for a health care procedure at this health care center usually comment on the high quality service and care they received.

The International Department at Hospital Clinica Biblica provides each prospective patient is with a personal Health Care Assistant (HCA) who works one-on-one to coordinate an all-embracing, comfortable, and easy service experience that includes:

  • Doctor contact, consultations and surgical procedures.
  • Paperwork and price quotes.
  • Hospital Clinica Biblica admittance and bedside follow up and assistance.
  • Coordinating contact with family via phone or email post surgery.
  • VIP Concierge services (superior class lodging, transfers and sightseeing tours.)
  • Airport pick up/drop off and assistance through immigration.
  • Recovery Retreat and Hotel accommodations.
  • Patient follow up back home.

Each patient is almost literally led by the hand to appointment and examinations in order to make sure that things run as seamlessly as possible.

Hospital Clinica Biblica also has many years of experience serving the growing international community of ex-pats, as well as an ever-increasing number of medical tourists. Hospital Clinica Biblica was, in fact, treating foreign patients long before the term “medical tourism” was coined.

Statistics show that least 15% of the people that are cared for and served at Hospital Clinica Biblica are from foreign countries. In short, there is quite an understanding of what a potential medical tourism patient wants and expects, and Hospital Clinica Biblica can usually anticipate the particular needs and wants of international patients.

Statistics also show that you can save as much as 70% by traveling to Costa Rica for medical procedures. Meanwhile, you will receiving the treatment comparable to or treatment even better than what you would expect at leading hospitals anywhere else in the world.

At these rates, can you afford not to travel to Costa Rica, make use of the medical tourism services, and take advantage of such affordable prices?

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