Medical Privacy Statement & Policy for MTCR:

If you use MTCR’s website and/or services therein, you recognize, attest and agree to the terms herein, and to MTCR’s Terms of Use statement. You also acknowledge that the contents in each of our statements may be edited, modified, changed, and/or revised periodically as is deemed necessary, and as provided above and hereinafter.

Your Personally Identifiable Information:

In order to better serve your health and Costa Rica medical tourism questions, concerns, wants and needs, MTCR collects information either directly from you on the MTCR website, or orally through the telephone using MTCR’s consultants, employees, and/or forms. If you provide MTCR with written, express permission, and/or legal authorization, MTCR could also gather information from third parties such as your health care providers, doctors, or other parties whom you have authorized to maintain your health records and to disclose, reveal or release them upon request.

All Costa Rica medical tourism and any other health-related information which identifies “You” as the individual using the website is known as “personally identifiable information,” and it is only shared with MTCR’s network of premium health care centers, hospitals, doctors, dentists, surgeons, recovery, healing, and therapeutic centers, and any other health care provider who may give you treatment or take care of you.

This will ensure that you will be given the correct medical treatment, services, and Costa Rica medical tourism solutions. Any information which is categorized as personally identifiable is only going to be used as we, the medical, dental, cosmetic surgery, and staff deem necessary to provide the treatment, solutions or services that you requested, or as existing and applicable law so orders.

MTCR is not made up of dental, medical, surgical, or health care professionals, even though MTCR is, in fact, in constant contact with these professionals. Therefore, MTCR will not give you a medical evaluation based on the information that you submit or make available, nor can MTCR give you medical advice based on the medical history or information that you submit or that you may arrange to have submitted either directly to MTCR through our website, or through authorized third parties who are authorized to release your information.

For more information regarding the nature, terms and conditions of MTCR’s services, please read completely and carefully through our Terms of Use statement.

Security Concerns and Precautions

State-of-the-art security measures and precautions have been put into place by MTCR to ensure that your personally identifiable information is maintained in a safe and secure manner, so that it is protected against loss, misuse and/or unauthorized access, revelation, alteration or destruction. MTCR uses state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, firewalls, encryption, anti-spy ware, and other systems for intrusion detection so that your data will be kept as safe and secure as possible.

MTCR only allows authorized staff, personnel and employees to access information considered personally identifiable, and our staff, employees and other authorized personnel can only use this information for business purposes expressly authorized by MTCR.

As effective as MTCR’s measures, safeguards and precautions may be, it is no great secret that there is no impenetrable, tamper, or hacker-proof Internet security system. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the absolute security of our database against willful and unlawful intrusion, nor can we guarantee that the information regarded personally identifiable will not be intercepted by third parties as it is being transmitted to MTCR over the Internet, especially if the user does not implement safety and security measures on the system that is used to access the Internet.

On the other hand, MTCR is fully committed to your security and privacy, and our company will not sell or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to any other party for any purpose whatsoever, with the exception of those who provide the medical services that you request or that you authorize MTCR to request on your behalf. In the unlikely event that assets relating to MTCR are sold, transferred, and/or moved, your personally identifiable information may be transferred to the entity which made purchase or acquisition, and it will be the responsibility of the entity making the purchase or acquisition to keep your personally identifiable information secure and safe from non-authorized parties.

Finally, MTCR may reveal your personally identifiable information to other parties if the MTCR legal staff determines that existing law places a burden upon MTCR to make disclosure in order to comply with existing law (this may include, but it is not limited to, lawsuits, responding to subpoenas and other binding court orders).

Information that is Non Personally-Identifiable

MTCR automatically gathers and stores certain information about your visit or browsing session that does not identify you personally (non personally-identifiable information); if you do nothing during your visit except browse MTCR’s website, read through the web pages, look at the videos, or download information. Non personally-identifiable information includes, but may not be limited to: Your IP address, domain name and browser that you used to access the Internet, the pages that you visited on MTCR’s website, and the address of the website that you visited immediately prior to visiting MTCR’s website.

MTCR may use non personally-identifiable information in order to make its website more user-friendly to visitors, to gather and have information about the number of visitors to the website, to know which part of the website they were most interested in and which part they were not interested in, to be informed about how long a particular visit to the website was, and to have information about the types of technologies visitors used during their visit.


A “session cookie,” which is a small file on your computer will sometimes be written during your visit to our website. These files expire automatically when you leave the website; our session cookies will only hold information during your visit or browsing session on the Medical Tours Costa Rica website, or for the purpose of conducting and completing a particular online transaction. However, these session cookies do not have the capacity or ability to track users over time or across different websites.

MTCR is also entirely and completely committed, in accordance with Costa Rican and international law, to protecting minors, and no information is collected, stored, or disclosed about children whom we are certain are under the age of 18 without prior parental consent and authorization. If MTCR acquires information from anyone known to be under the age of 18, said information will only be used to inform the minor that MTCR must have parental permission and consent in order for the child to continue using the MTCR website and in order to continue inquiring about Costa Rica medical tourism treatment and procedures.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding MTCR’s Medical Privacy Statement and Policy, its practices, or its Terms of Use statement, please do not hesitate to contact MTCR at the following email address:

info “at” medicaltourscostarica “dot” com

MTCR, its consultants, staff and employees, will do their best to answer all of your questions and/or concerns concisely, quickly, in an informative manner, and to your satisfaction. You can also call 1-866-665-6433 and request more information.

At Medical Tours Costa Rica, we always respect your right to medical privacy!