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Type II Diabetes

If you know you have a 9 in 10 chance of curing any disease, wouldn’t you take those odds? That’s exactly what metabolic surgery as a type 2 diabetes treatment offers, so why not take advantage of it?

If you are a type 2 diabetes patient and you are looking for treatment to resolve your rather than trying to control your disease, then you need to look into metabolic surgery as an effective type two diabetes treatment. Doctor Jacobo Zafrani is not only one of the foremost bariatric or weight loss surgeons in the Americas, he is at the vanguard of metabolic surgery. So you know you will be in good hands during your metabolic surgery to resolve this disease.

The fact is that Doctor Jacobo Zafrani is the leading metabolic surgery authority in the region, having performed over 200 surgeries as a way to treat and resolve this disease which affects so many people around the world. Statistics from the surgeyr show that 90% of the patients who undergo metabolic surgery resolve diabetes type 2. Not only that, 90% of the patients also resolve hypertension, and 70% of the patients reduce high cholesterol levels as an added bonus to type 2 diabetes treatment.

Your chances of resolving your disease through this type two diabetes procedure and getting rid of your medication and/or insulin injections are 9 out of 10. There are very few treatments which give you a 90% resolution rate regarding any type of medical treatment, let alone type 2 diabetes reversal.

If you know you have a 9 in 10 chance of curing any disease, wouldn’t you take those odds? That’s exactly what metabolic surgery as a type 2 diabetes treatment offers, so why not take advantage of it?

The list is not all inclusive, and it is not totally exclusive. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us and we will do our best to clear up your doubts or answer your questions.

You don’t have to take our word for it:

Even though Doctor Zafrani has performed this procedure over 200 times, you don’t have to take our word for how effective it is. On April 18, ABC News published a blog detailing just how effective gastric bypass surgery is in reversing this dreaded disease. You can read more about it by going to the ABC blog and reading about the relationship between bariatric surgery and type two diabetes resolution.

The science is clear on this matter: Bariatric or weight loss surgery resolves this disease, and metabolic surgery is a variation of weight loss sugery, but specifically designed to target the disease rather than induce weight loss. There are criteria which you must meet in order to qualify for the procedure.

Weight Loss Surgery

Don’t worry if you do not see the particular bariatric procedure you are looking for on the list. Go ahead and call 1-866-665-6433 FREE, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM US Central Standard time. In the alternative, fill out our contact form coveniently located on the right hand side,and let us know what your interest is.

Someone from our staff, a person well-versed in bariatric procedures will get in touch with you and get you all of the information you need on the particular bariatric procedure you are interested in, and they will give you more information or a free quote upon request.

The surgeon in charge of bariatric procedures is doctor Jacobo Zafrani, a surgeon who performs hundreds of surgeries every year on national and international patients. If you would like to speak to the surgeon about your particular concerns, you can set up a conference call, free of charge and under no obligation, through our consultants.Why choose to have your weight loss surgery procedure performed by Doctor Jacobo Zafrani?

One look at Doctor Jacobo Zafrani’s impressive resume, and you will know that you are going to be under the expert care of the foremost bariatric surgeon in the region. Doctors Zafrani’s education, experience, and expertise lend great comfort and reassurance to those who are undecided about whether they should have weight loss surgery in Costa Rica.

The doctor performs bariatric surgery in Joint Commission International accredited hospitals, and this also lends comfort and reassurance that you will be receiving medical care that meets or exceeds the most exacting international standards in the industry. JCI accreditation lets you know that you are going to receive care and treatment that is on par with and often exceeds the care and treatment you can expect to receive at the leading medical centers around the world.

Doctor Zafrani conducts surgical procedures with the assistance of an expert weight loss surgery team that performs over 200 procedures per year. It would be difficult to find another team of surgeons with this king of expertise, and at the price that is available if you use the services provided by medical tours costa rica.

Additionally, when you travel to Costa Rica for a bariatric procedure, you will not have to worry about a language barrier or a hindrance in communication. Doctor Zafrani was born in the United States, and he and his team speak English for your convenience.

Furthermore, Medical Tours Costa Rica specializes in assisting international patients thorugh the medical tourism process. We will provide a bilingual medical travel consultant who will be with you throughout your doctor visits, lab work, tests, and anything else that’s involved before surgery, and after surgery.

Having a bilingual consultant who will assist you throughout the process will ensure that there will not be any communication issues at any point during your bariatric procedure. This is part of the VIP treatment that you can expect from Medical Tours Costa Rica. We have over ten years of experience in the medical tourism industry, and we place it all at your disposal when you book your operation through us.

Our process is designed to quick and efficient so that you can get a quote on the bariatric procedure you are looking into, and any other information you need to make a decision. Once you decide to have weight loss surgery in Costa Rica, your facilitator can help you arrange an all-inclusive trip that will generally help you save even more!

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